Mark Miller For Municipal Court Judge

With over 17 years of civil and criminal trial experience in municipal and common pleas courts across Ohio, Attorney Mark J. Miller is running for a seat on the Franklin County Municipal Court.

A Vision For The Future

To judge truly, independently, and  provide a fair and responsive system of justice. Protecting rights and liberties, upholding and interpreting the law, and resolving disputes peacefully, fairly and effectively.


Questions and Answers

Get to know Mark and the issues that matter most for Columbus.


Do you believe that you would have an appropriate judicial temperament?

Yes. I am in the courtroom just about every day and manage a busy docket. I have practiced in front of dozens of judges and have personally seen how judicial temperament can affect the parties and even the outcome of a particular case. I have been in front of judges with a wide range of temperaments and have learned over the past 18 years that an appropriate judicial temperament is critical to the fair administration of justice.

How many and what kind of jury trials have you had, and how important do you believe this is in electing a judge?

I wish I could go back and count the specific number of jury trials I have had over my 18-year legal career.  I tried my first serious criminal jury trial (with success!) just a couple of months after passing the Bar Exam in 2003. Since then, I have tried numerous trials (mostly criminal, but even a few civil) in Franklin County Municipal and Common Pleas Courts. I am in the courtroom just about every day. I believe this professional background is very important, and I take pride in the broad courtroom experience I will bring to the bench.  I think it is critical to have a judge with this kind of education, training, and legal knowledge.  I would hope voters want a judge who does not have to learn (or re-learn) criminal justice fundamentals when they take the bench. I am confident that I bring the kind of experience where I will be ready to judge on day one.

What is your judicial philosophy?

This question is often asked to judicial candidates.  The phrase “judicial philosophy refers to the underlying set of ideas and beliefs of a particular judge which shapes his or her rulings on particular cases. It refers to the ways that judges interpret the law.  I do not have any specific “judicial philosophy” per se.   However, if elected, everyone who walks into my courtroom can be assured a fair shake. Judges should not inject their personal preferences or opinions into their decisions and rulings. In my opinion, the role of a judge is to carefully review each case, apply the current law to the facts of each case, and come to a fair and just decision. With that said, a judge should try to keep an open mind.  Often,  novel cases (or sometimes referred to as “cases of first impression”) come before the court.  When this occurs, the role of the judge is to listen to all the arguments, review any precedent and similar cases within the 50 states, and try to come to a fundamentally fair decision. Also, sometimes cases can be factually distinguishable from legal precedent.  When this occurs, a judge should make his or her findings and decide the case on the merits. Finally, if there is any judicial philosophy I have, it is to treat all parties and litigants with respect.

What are your thoughts on bail reform?

I am a proponent for bail reform in general. Ohio Criminal Rule 46 took effect on July 1, 2020. The rule calls for the court to release a person on least restrictive conditions that will reasonably assure appearance in court, the protection or safety of any person or community, or prevent the obstruction of justice when a person is not detained. I believe the new rule is a step in the right direction, but more work can be done. Currently, there are two proposed bills sent to the committee in the Ohio House and Senate on this issue. The bills are bipartisan and call out the disparities in bail between economic classes.  Bail should be fair for all—for example, if a rich person and a poor person are charged with the same crime, often the rich person gets out of jail the same day, while the poor stay in jail longer, sometimes during the pendency of the entire case.  I generally support lower bonds (often called recognizance bonds) for non-violent crimes; however, I do not believe the cash/surety bond should be completed eliminated. Often, these bonds are needed for more serious crimes and to assure the person’s appearance in court. If elected, I will make sure to review each defendant’s bail carefully, follow Rule 46, and set an appropriate and fair bond.

Why do you think you are qualified to be a judge in the Franklin County Municipal Court?

Please see “my letter” to voters on this page!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like to travel when I can and exploring new places, going to the beach and pool, playing and watching sports, exercise, the outdoors, reading, and writing (mostly on the law!) Also, I have to admit, I am a COURT TV junkie.

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Mark Miller Receives 5-Star Rating from CBA

“I am honored to have received a 5-star rating from the Columbus Bar Association’s (CBA) Judicial Screening Committee.  This is the highest rating and means “the candidate offers superior qualifications for carrying out the duties of a judicial officer.”  I am a candidate with over 18 years of criminal and civil litigation experience, and the owner and manager of my law firm.  I believe the most critical qualities of a judge include fairness, impartiality, good temperament, knowledge, efficiency, and respect for the rule of law and litigants. I am grateful the CBA recognizes my hard work and vast legal experience.”- Mark Miller,

Aug. 25, 2021

Attorney Mark Miller arguing in the

Ohio Supreme Court

Dec. 11, 2007, and Apr.28, 2021 

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